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Clear Vision Without Glasses, Contacts, or Surgery!

See why our patients love Ortho-K:

“The experience I have had with my Orthokeratology lenses has been wonderful! I feel so free during the day to take on any type of activity without having to worry about getting anything on my lenses—like I used to have to do when wearing hard lenses daily. This has been a very easy transition! I would recommend this to anyone who fits the need!”
                             —Lisa B.

"This works like a charm!  I can't believe that I can see the leaves on the trees."
"My eleven-year-old son, Sean, was found to be nearsighted in fifth grade. Instead of getting him standard glasses or contact lenses, I took him to Dr. Eric to be fitted for Ortho-K contact lenses. My son learned how to use them quickly and received great results with his vision. He likes the convenience of wearing the lenses only at night and removing them in the morning. For the rest of the day, he can play sports and swim without the discomfort of contact lenses or the possibility of broken glasses. I am very excited to learn that because my son is using Ortho-K lenses, his nearsightedness will potentially progress at a much slower rate than with standard lenses and glasses. As a mother, it makes me extremely happy to think that his vision will not become as severe as mine."
            Jennifer (Strongsville)

"My Ortho-K experience has been great.  I would recommend the process to others.  I am very excited that I am able to see without wearing corrective lenses.  I know going into the process we were not sure how well my eyes would respond to the process, but the results have been amazing.  I am able to drive day or night without having to wear corrective lensees.  I believe this process is something that most people would enjoy.  Dr. Eric and the staff have all been great throughout the process.  Thanks for everything."
                   —Brian P.

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"I had seen doctors with red, irritated eyelids and could not find a solution to my problem.  I saw Dr. Eric, and he proved a treatment that helped and took the time to ask questions and find out what my concerns were.  I did not feel rushed at all.  I would recommend this office because the staff is very friendly, and they take the time to listen to you.  Dr. Eric really takes his time with you."
                  —Denise P.


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